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Take a look on some of the most popular destinations around the Minas Gerais State.


• Sabará
AThe town preserves its high historical potencial, maintaining its original architecture despite a desorganized throughout the centuries with the only purpose of showing the new genarations what was like in the past.

• Ouro Preto
Ouro Preto is the poster child of all historical towns in the country. With a preserved architecture from the 18th century, the town features narrow streets and hills to perfect its magnificent architecture.

• Mariana
The nature of Mariana and its sightseeings are breath taking . Mariana is very rich in nature resources, such as; water streams, caverns and mines to be explored though an exciting expedition full of waterfalls, nature, etc. The trails are a very good option to the practice of radical sports, such as; mountain bike and trekking.

• Congonhas
Congonhas is internationaly known as the “Cultural Monument of the Humanity” due to its large rustic historical background.Its also known for being the town of prophets due to having Aleijadinho’s sculptures of prophets in many cathedrals there located.

• São João Del Rey
In Sao joao Del Rey is possible to appreciate the urban evolution of a rustic colony from Minas Gerais . Its historical background maintains a lot of the preserved architecture from the 19th century without being compromissed with some of the changes occured in the current century.

• Tiradentes
The town of Tiradentes was included in 1938 to the Nacional Historic Patrimonial and Artistic Institute, for not only its architecture style, but also for its natural beauty such as the Mount Sao Jose with nice waterfalls and abundant vegetation.

• Gruta do Maquiné
The Maquine cave is the biggest in The State, and there was also found precious stones, human bones and some bones of prehistoric animals.

• Gruta da Lapinha
The Lapinha Cave is locaded by 27 miles from Belo Horizonte. Its a fantastic place to the ones who likes to spend a nice quiet weekend rich in local history.

• Serra do Cipó
The Cipó Valley consists of having one of the most wonderfurfull natural set ups in the country.Its over 100.000 acres of local vegetation with green fields and woods. There is also plenty rivers, waterfalls, canyons, caverns and preserved areas.

• Belo Horizonte
Around Belo horizonte there are natural parks such as; Mangabeiras, located in the town’s periphery at the Curral Valley. There is also there water streams, an outdoor theater and a large sport’s facility.


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